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Delivering Oversized Cargo from Southeast Europe to Kazakhstan

In August 2016, GUS-TRANS successfully delivered a heavy and abnormally oversized load from Southeast Europe to Kazakhstan. This bucket wheel for quarry machinery boasted spectacular dimensions at 10.6 m long, 4.99 m wide, 2.1 m high and weighed 76 tonnes. To carry such remarkable cargo, we developed a reliable transportation scheme that consisted of land, sea, and river solutions.

First, using a special-purpose multi-axle trailer with a carrying capacity of 120 tonnes, the load was transported to the river port. There we stowed it on a barge and shipped by European inland waterways to the sea port where it was transhipped onto a river-sea class vessel. It delivered the load to the Port of Rostov-on-Don, Russia from where the bucket wheel was sent to its final destination on a special trailer accompanied by escort vehicles.

truck loading

„The overall distance was almost 6,000 km and the transportation took a total of 40 days.“

Loading 1

loading 2


Despite difficult road conditions in Russia and Kazakhstan, due to many areas of roads under repair, we delivered the cargo safely and on time. This was made possible thanks to careful organization and effective logistics planning.

The logistics scheme involved a unique route that accounted for the heavy load weight and large dimensions. It required over-the-road carriage in Europe, Russia, and Kazakhstan, as well as coordination with the police and all the public roads administrations in each respective country. A detailed planning of the three transhipping operations for such heavy equipment helped to avoid any damage.

Transportation with a complexity level this high has confirmed the excellence of our experts and served as a serious test for the GUS-TRANS expertise in delivering abnormally oversized cargo. Having successfully solved this problem, we look forward to our new projects with confidence.